Obtaining the perfect equation of Quality & Price with our Expertise

As Furniture Manufacturer & Design Studio, we are able to assist you on both expertise.

We know what is essential for any successful project execution and Control.

Yes We Can

Obtaining the right Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment at the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price.


Residential, restaurant, café & Hotels…

We do supply and work based on project with all kinds of customers. 

We all deserve Bespoke Design

No project is too big or small to deserve Bespoke design.

We offer no minimum order quantity

We produce large range of design from solid wood to handwoven & sustainable material such as rattan.

The Process

Budget planning & Selection

Once specific details in term of design requirement and lead time is shared from clients, we need 5 working days to come up with a proposal.

Design & Furniture development

Creating custom CAD drawings of the furniture will further enhance FF&E production quality. This will also help in any future purchases or turn key process if required.


We need 8 to 12 weeks for production and 6 to 8 weeks to deliver any container around the globe.

Weekly  production schedule is shared to clients until final completion of the project.

Q.C is organized between the entire steps of production until final approval from buyers.


We can organize your shipment and documentation in order to deliver right at your door your order.