What country do we ship to ?

We ship to almost all countries except rouge state (North Korea, Cuba,Iraq,Iran,Libya)

How long does an order normally take ?

Depending on the order requirement such as quantity and material used as well the destination. We would give you a better time estimate when you submit the inquiry cart

Who do we sell to ?

We cater to all type of customers( Commerical, Wholesale/Reseller and Direct consumers)

Do we cater to small orders?

Yes, we do however we will consolidate your order with others to ensure you have a better shipping rate. However should you urgently need your order we can still send it first.

What type of shipping methods do we use?

Air frieght and Sea Freight

What the different between the shipping method ?

Airfrieght tend to be least economical and have higher chance of damage during shipping even with proper packaging. However the shipment time required tend to be quicker. Please take note certain products may not able to use airfreight. Sea freight is more recommended as it more economical and less chances of damage during shipping. However it may require more time for shipment.

What an average time required for shipping ?

For Europe and USA it will take about 4 to 6 weeks, however we normally mention 8 weeks with a 2week buffer.

Is there transport insurance for the products ?

The products are transported at the risk of the buyers. So you require transport insurance we could faciitate it for you with the freight forwards.Their practice would be to inquire on the amount of percentage you want to be insured for the product.

Can the buyers use their own freight forwarder and logistic company?

Of course, as our core business is not in the shipping industry.

What other charges may occur for the transportation?

Will the order be subjected to taxation in the buyer country?

That will be according to either GST or VAT of the buyer country

How will the GST or VAT be charged?

The price of goods+customs+insurance+shipping total will be charged

Does the door to door delivery included white glove delivery?

By default no, however should you required it, we can faciliate that for you to the logistic company.

The shipping is more expensive than my purchase, is there any way i can reduce the shipping

We will normally consolidate your order with other orders in your destination, however there may be times it may not fill up an entire container so what we can do for you is to store your products till a opportunity to shift with a filled up container which may result in some cost saving