Unique Design With Unique Price

What if a selection of Bespoke Design could be available in large quantity, plus affordable for your wallet.

We offer you to buy straight from our factory source in Indonesia in order to save more than 50 %.

We also let you customize your furniture in order to adapt the finishing and color of fabric as you wish.

Barcelona Showroom


Pre-Sale order  are available from 01/01/19 to 01/02/19.

 Our Pre-Sale condition including delivery to our showroom in Barcelona,Spain.

Upcoming Pre-Sale campaign will be deliver  in Barcelona beginning of June.

 From Barcelona, we are able to ship around multiples countries one single item to multiples orders.

Delivery time: 5 months


After 2 months, we will email you to give estimate arrival date of our container in Barcelona Port.

Thank to our local forwarder partner, we are able to deliver your order straight to your home after final details has been shared from client.