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    Louis: How he works

    Making the invisible into reality. Dive into how does Louis run Heaps & Woods.

    How did yourself and Marta meet and start this journey?

    We met in cadaques one summer when I was 18 and then when I was 26 and Marta 24 we met again in Bali. By this point I’d already been in Bali for 2 years and invited her on the journey of a crazy French guy.


    How did you go about growing your network of ethical suppliers and artisans?

    Basically, I always had a passion for the unique talents that make people special, from art to crafts. You have to be true to yourself to create in this way and that’s really special.

    So, for this reason, I travelled around and met local artisans in Indonesia from Sumatra to Java, and of course Bali.


    What are your top picks from the new collection?

    Probably the Stella lounge chair as she embodies the original H&W style. Geometric and simple construction combined with an organic shape and a natural raw material; loom. 

    I also love the Marta Lounge Chair which comes in three leg shape. I can see and imagine this chair as a classic 60s piece, but I also see it as a new and modern design, made to last  for years to come. We wanted to create a collection where pieces weren’t seen as temporary and could still be seen in any kind of interior in the future.

    Finally the Aurelia Marble Stool because it’s our first marble collection. The round shape Marta created seems very simple and organic and its creamy texture brings serenity and peace. I also find it cool how it’s made from one solid block of marble.

    "I feel most at home when my family is around me and I’m in the right environment or setting."

    What does your day-to-day running a small business look like?

    I would say each day is separated into two halves. One half is everything related to sales, customer order, logistics, and company management.

    The other side is the production and everything related to suppliers and our raw materials. I also love to search for new materials and unique artisans with special techniques or materials around Europe. We love to collaborate and to discover the synergy that comes from working together with different talents.


    When do you feel most at home?

    I feel most at home when my family is around me and I’m in the right environment or setting. Moving to the countryside gave us the chance to be surrounded by nature which is very important to us, but also to Jeffrey, our labrador and king of the house. A fireplace was something we always wanted but couldn’t find in the city. This is something that’s priceless to us, especially with these cold days at the moment. The feeling of being around a fireplace with your family is something very simple that I appreciate more than anything. Finally, I feel at home surrounded by the interiors and decoration Marta always creates. She’s always brought her own style to all the different places we’ve lived.

    What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt on your journey with Heaps & Woods?

    The key thing is nothing comes if the pure passion isn’t there. Also, the importance of working with others. Nothing is possible on your own in today’s world. Teamwork and synergy is a must. Having access to different profiles and working with others, like in a shoot for instance, is something we always enjoy and for this reason we hope you love the result. Also experimenting and trying new things is something that makes us really happy and breaks the routine a bit. A certain routine is necessary to have a strong system but it’s good to break it now and again. We are still very far off the end of our journey but we believe with each day that comes we are further on our way.

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