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    Marta: How she works

    Uncover the thin membrane between creativity and materiality and embrace how we work at Heaps&Woods

    What was your starting point for the new collection? Take us on the journey you took to get to the finished collection.

    It’s always a material, technique or shape. Our focus is on creating show pieces for the home- the protagonist lounge chair in your living room, the rattan mirror that never fails to impress, the lamps that create amazing magical shadows or the columns that dress up any corner. The goal is always to make natural pieces that will elevate your space and create a warm atmosphere.


    If you had to choose just one piece from the new 3 collection what would it be and why?

    It’s difficult to choose one piece, I really love all of them, but my top ones are made in Rattan. I took this collection as an opportunity to show there’s more to Rattan than garden furniture from the 70s.

    The Sofia mirror is the perfect piece to elevate any corner. I’m not really into selfies but this mirror has a way of calling me over!

    I also love the Valentina Lounge Chair which we made in three different shapes for indoors and outdoors.

    Where does your passion for design come from?

    My curiosity for design results from my curious personality and interest in aesthetics. I find pleasure in certain things that others don’t stop to observe and I take mental photographs of everything I see which ultimately helps to inspire my ideas. The amazing craftsmanship I have access to has also helped to increase my passion even more!


    You took the decision to move away from the design classics in this new collection, how did you find the balance between an artistic approach and function-led design?

    The balance for me is between aesthetics and comfort and making pieces that I would want in my home. I was missing a big mirror, so that’s why we have mirrors in the new collection. I love to play with geometry and natural materials and, when designing, harmony comes with the drawing.


    You’ve lived and worked all over the world in all kinds of climates and environments. What makes you feel at home even if home is far away?

    Someone said to us that in our home, you feel a vibe from everywhere, a kind-of oasis. I think that after moving around and living far from my hometown, I would say that your home is your sanctuary, your home is where you want to stay. That is why it’s so important to create a cool and comfortable atmosphere in your space.

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