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    The notebook 01

    Marble stools

    Our pieces are designed in-house by our founder, Marta, who gathers inspiration from every aspect of her life to pull together our unique collections. Dive into Marta’s sketchbook and learn more about the processes that go into bringing Marta’s design visions to life in this new series.

    Before I ever put pen to paper, a huge part of my process is in observing life’s little details. I take photos of everything, and sometimes ideas hit me instantly, other times moments from my archive will creep up on me later down the line unexpectedly…

    When I was handed an opportunity recently to work with Marble, this picture I took years ago of the Palazzo of Isola Bella in Italy suddenly jumped into my mind. I quickly searched back through years of photographs and memories, in search of some inspiration from the real masters of this material.

    My first sketches for these marble stools were born, after noticing the intriguing structure of the podiums that some of the statues stood upon. I then reimagined these podiums into contemporary pieces in line with my style.

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