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    Our team is closely involved in every stage of the production process, beginning with the initial spark of inspiration through to manufacturing.
    Our team is closely involved in every stage of the production process, beginning with the initial spark of inspiration through to manufacturing.

    Our product philosophy

    We consider even the smallest details so our customers don’t have to. Every step of the process is delivered according to our values and convictions – that’s why we work with a small distribution cycle, and ship directly from our family-run workshop in Indonesia to our customers.

    No intermediates, no one in between.

    We are committed to producing furniture that we’re proud to put our name to, which is why every Heaps & Woods piece you see is artisanally produced in limited quantities, giving our craftspeople time to complete their intricate processes at the slowed-down pace necessary for perfecting the finer details. All our furniture is made from premium quality wood, whether it be recycled or taken from sustainably managed forests across the Indonesian archipelago.
    Our artisans and suppliers are paid justly and we do our utmost to ensure minimal waste by rejecting industrially made elements such as joints and nails where possible. It’s important to us that our products are timeless, and will be treasured in homes for years to come. We design each piece in a way that takes influence from classic design maestros while still progressing towards products that feel right for the future. This means considering product functionality with the same weight as aesthetic beauty.

    Our Materials


    Ubiquitous to Indonesia, rattan is a sustainable material sourced from numerous species of palm trees natural to South-East Asia. Like our teak wood, we select A grade quality for its strength and durability. Our weavers dry the reeds with a traditional burning technique, then shape them into inserts and details that are the signature of the Heaps & Woods collection.

    Recycled paper rope

    Called ‘Loom’ in Indonesia, recycled paper fibre enhances our designs with an attractive, robust texture. Ours is sourced through a local business that collects used newspapers. They are then stripped of their print, cut into strips, then hand-twisted into durable lengths of rope that we use to create chair seats and backs, bedheads, and room dividers.

    Recycled Wood

    Bali is full of hidden treasures. Heaps & Woods actively seek out pieces of wood for reuse. Wooden beams, doors from traditional Javanese ‘Joglo’ homes carry unique grains, markings and ancient memories that live in our special recycled wood pieces.


    The forests that blanket Indonesia produce the largest volume of teak in the world. Heaps & Woods select Grade A quality timber from sustainably managed plantations that carry the ‘Indonesian Legal Wood’ certification that protects them against illegal logging and deforestation. We are conscious of the quantities we buy, and strive to avoid waste of this precious resource.

    Our Production Process

    References and Moodboard


    The beginning of our process is always fueled by a spark of inspiration. This acts as a springboard towards a collection of images and concepts that we can refer back to later.

    Design and technical draws


    Having compiled our inspiration, we put pen to paper and finalise a design that encapsulates the mood we are aiming to create, carefully mapping out the technical aspects that consider functionality and comfort.

    Material purchase


    Once satisfied with the design we jump into action, working closely with our suppliers in Indonesia to decide on the most suitable materials for this project.

    Assembly process


    Following this, our family of artisans in Bali get to work piecing the puzzle together, to assemble the item based on Marta’s technical drawing.



    The same artisans bring the initial design to life as a prototype, working at a slowed-down pace and using the traditional techniques that make each and every Heaps & Woods piece so special.

    Quality control


    Before anything leaves the studio in Bali, each item is carefully tested and is put through a strict quality control process that respects the highest market standards.

    Packing and shipping


    Finally, the finished piece is carefully packed. Currently, we use cardboard boxes and bubble wrap to do this, but we’re in the process of switching to a more sustainable packaging option.

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